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What is Yebber?

Yebber is an online review site with opinions left by real people in real situations. You can find information on where to shop, eat, catch a movie, relax, revitalize and get the honest opinions of people who have been there, done it and would like to share their experience they have with a local business or service. With Yebber and all the word of mouth marketing done here, it inevitably helps to improve the level of service provided by local businesses.

How can Yebber Reviews help my business?

In more ways than one. Yebber can be likened to an online opinion database for all kinds of businesses and services provided in Malaysia. If your business is listed and reviewed at Yebber, you can be sure that there will be thousands of people reading it and getting to know more about your shop or service. Word of mouth marketing has never been bigger.

I found a review of my business on Yebber. What should I do?

Be happy and get involved! Your business has been noticed and reviewed by someone who visited your shop, so become part of the Yebber community - either as an individual reviewer or a business owner managing your business influence on Yebber.

Should I write reviews about my own company?

By all means do so, and to preserve the integrity of the site, DO mention that you are writing as the Business Owner - to keep the honesty intact. DO NOT review your own business anonymously or get your pals to write for you. Then you would not know what is real and what is not.

What if I get a negative review, what should I do?

DO NOT vent your anger at the reviewer. If you have anything to say to the reviewer, you can send a private message. Remember that any negative feedback gives you an opportunity to make improvements in your business or service. Any negative reviews also add weight to the positive reviews - making it honest and credible.

What if I get a positive review, what should I do?

DO express your happiness to the reviewer. There is no need to buy the person flowers or a brand new car, just a private message of thanks will do. Anything more than that is entirely up to you. Note that Yebber will not be held responsible for the happiness that you receive.

What if the information on my business is missing, incorrect or my business address has changed?

Click on the "Update Business Profile" link to make changes. We will review and confirm the changes with you before updating the information.

How do I list my business on Yebber?

1. First, Click Here to register an account.
2. Next, Login with your UserID and Password and add your company name, address, Postal Code and Website Address
3. You can also upload images of your shop or logo
4. After that, take part in our site marketing program by placing our banners on your website to direct your clients to post and read reviews on!

I would like my business to be more visible. Does Yebber accept paid advertisements or sponsored links?

Yes we do, starting from September 2007! Besides the free listings, Yebber has spots for you to place your business advertisements or make your listing more visible to the thousands of visitors to our site daily. Click here for more information on a package that suits your needs.

How can I direct more people to to read my business reviews?

Yebber has in place a simple marketing program for business owners. Simply put, it is a banner marketing program.You will see several banners listed below and their corresponding codes. Simple cut and paste the codes into your webpage and you will be able to direct people to to read your business reviews.

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